About the characters

 Mr James Thomas

Mr James Thomas (Father of Tilly and Billy)

Tilly and Billy’s dad works as a forensic scientist in Australia. He works in a laboratory investigating the findings of crime scenes. He is a good dad who loves his children. James is proud of Billy for being an inventor and Tilly because she is very clever.

 Mrs Alison Thomas

Mrs Allie (Alison) Thomas (Mother of Tilly and Billy)

Tilly and Billy’s mum is an author of crime books. She loves being creative and building a crime for people to read about. Alison understands that Tilly and Billy have special abilities and that they are sometimes needed to go away and work for GAB. Alison is a caring and devoted mother.

 Billy Thomas

(William) Billy Thomas

Billy is always making gadgets. He has a creative mind. After listening to his dad talk about his work, Billy started inventing things to help solve crimes. He is really good with his inventions. Billy won the Junior Inventor’s Award for several of his special inventions. He wants to be a secret agent when he gets older. GG from GAB heard about his special skills and asked him to join his organisation to solve crimes around the world. Billy’s parents have agreed that he can go and solve crimes as long as Tilly and Meeka are with him. Billy loves animals especially Meeka. He also enjoys karate lessons.

 Tilly Thomas

(Matilda) Tilly Thomas

Tilly is Billy’s older sister. Tilly is clever and she helps Billy solve crimes. She loves to travel and read about places around the world. She has won the Smart Award at school for History and Geography. Tilly loves to have fun and she likes to look at the good side of life. When she is older, she wants to be a travel guide and travel the world. Tilly loves karate and dancing lessons.

 Meeka the meerkat

Meeka (the meerkat)

Meeka became friends with Tilly and Billy when they were on a tour in Africa with their parents. Meeka was alone after some illegal hunters had shot his mum and dad. He saw Tilly and Billy and wanted to stay with them. Meeka had special abilities and so the rule-makers agreed that they could stay together as a team in solving crimes around the world. Meeka has special abilities such as being able to talk, a strong sense of smell and binocular vision.

 Odious McSlimey

Odious McSlimey

Odious McSlimey is green because as a child, he was a bully. One day he picked on the wrong kid, and when they were fighting, McSlimey slipped and fell into a smelly, slimy green pond. When he climbed out, he was covered in a foul smelling, green slime that never came off. This is his punishment for being so cruel and nasty. McSlimey is the MEANEST, NASTIEST, MOST WICKED and EVIL person that you could ever meet. He is cruel to animals and violent towards others. He destroys property and steals important things.

 Goodies Against Baddies (GAB)

Goodies Against Baddies (GAB)

GG is the head of this organization. His team travels around the world working hard for GOOD to overcome EVIL. Tilly and Billy are called upon whenever there is a crime involving Odious McSlimey. Their slogan is ‘ Goodness will always win in the end.’

Anti Happiness Org Group (AHOG)

Anti Happiness Org Group (AHOG)

Odious McSlimey is a member of this organisation. There are hundreds of members who seek to destroy happiness around the world. These members are usually bullies, or criminals. They have a mission to create evil and prevent people from being happy. Their slogan is ‘Making people unhappy is our business.’







About the Author

Dawn MacKenzie was born in Melbourne, Australia. After 20 years managing a family business, Dawn followed her passion to write.  more