Billy is always making gadgets. He has a creative mind.
She is clever and helps Billy solve crimes.
Tilly and Billy’s dad works as a forensic scientist in Australia.
Tilly and Billy’s mum is an author of crime books.
Became friends with Tilly and Billy while on a tour in Africa...
Odious McSlimey is green because as a child, he was a bully.

New junior fiction adventure series from Dawn MacKenzie!

McSlimey is mean, green and nasty. He’s stolen the ‘D’ from the Hollywood sign and it’s a race to restore it before the Academy Awards.

Luckily, the Goodies Against Baddies (GAB) know exactly what to do. Secret agents Tilly and Billy along with their meerkat, Meeka, land in Los Angeles with just five hours, five minutes and fifty-five seconds to get the ‘D’ back. With the help of bang belts and solar powered backpacks, as well as Meeka’s awesome binocular vision, they chase McSlimey across the city. Can good overcome evil?


The first book in the new series by Melbourne writer Dawn MacKenzie, Tilly & Billy Travel the World is an exciting adventure-packed travel tale for young readers.

"My son loved the story and the action around getting back the 'D'. I liked that the book was not just another 'super hero' kind of book. The book was informative too. It introduces kidsto real life events-the Academy Awards, Neil Armstrong, what google does etc.

Kids tend to relate to things better when they have heard or read about it from their favourite book."

Nirmala Menezes







About the Author

Dawn MacKenzie was born in Melbourne, Australia. After 20 years managing a family business, Dawn followed her passion to write.  more